07 November 2014 – 08 November 2014 4th Symposium of Dentistry

The need to treat young patients of San Patrignano from damage caused by drugs in the oral cavity, led Vincenzo Muccioli, the founder of community to organize a medical center in 1982 where he would pull together the different skills needed to give them back a smile and help with the continuing deficit of mastication.
Now expert colleagues donate us their time, professionalism and friendship, because under this banner of solidarity could be born a centre of excellence dedicated to a social enterprise.
It was for these reasons that we decided to give rise to this symposium, one that wants to become a fixture in Italian dental. We are talking of a meeting point where you are able to compare your experiences in a tangible way, seeing that it is possible to follow some interventions through live television. A moment that is meant to be an opportunity of enrichment for the experts and a valuable opportunity for young colleagues and community staff members.
The friendship of the speakers and the sensitivity of those who offer support, allow us to fully devote the proceeds of the event in support of our projects. in_evidenza comunicati