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International Collaborations

San Patrignano believes in the value of International collaboration, and it is strongly committed to cooperating with international institutions such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the European Commission, as well as many networks of NGOs from all over the world.
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Supporting San Patrignano gives a future to thousands of children and families

Fighting addiction, together we can win.
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Drug Policy Futures

San Patrignano is a founding member of the Drug Policy Futures, a network that has presented four documents on balanced, effective and human rights respectful drug policies at the 60Th Commission of Narcotic Drugs in Vienna.
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Recovery community for troubled youth

The San Patrignano recovery community is a home for youth who have lost their way, it is a family that helps them find a life made up of  self-esteem, dignity, responsibility and enthusiasm.

Since 1978 it is and continues to be unique and the best at European level, that focuses on their residents on learning a trade that can be applied and assisted from external support through online donations.

The program in the drug rehabilitation community takes an average of 3 to 4 years in which residents will find their way through a path of selfless love. Help and support SanPa through charitable non-profit organizational projects. There are many ways to donate online, an act of love which helps the growth of each individual.

San Patrignano community is alive, with the help and support of those who have already had similar life experiences, who understand the difficulties, hardships and exclusions. Reconstructing the identity of people by strengthening the values: honesty, commitment, respect for themselves and for others, solidarity and interpersonal skills.

The community of recovery from drug dependency is also a commitment to a better society through various prevention projects: specific activities in schools, international events, battling with addictions. With your help, Charity Foundations, is a precious gift to the residents.

San Patrignano has become, over the years a center of excellence in the organization of events, training and corporate communications. Companies that believe in social responsibility, can choose from one of the quality services offered by the community.

San Patrignano is also Yours. Discover it, Live it, uphold it.

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Free commitment

32 Million

Euros spared by the state in 2017


We have welcomed to date


Residents currently living in the community


Money taken from residents and their families
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Our projects

Where the future takes root

Klorane in support of the...


Wefree is the prevention project of the San Patrignan...

Parenting Program

New research in favor for the children of SanPa. The...

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Support us because SanPa is…


The residents in the program, their families and the State are not requested to give any contribution. The State saves 30 million euros per year.


Academic research shows that 72% of whom complete the recovery program at SanPa do not fall back to the use of drugs.


Every year the community meets thousands of students and deal with awareness on the subject of dependency.


Each resident follows a course of vocational training with 50 workshops aimed at reintegrating them back into society.

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